What's COO-COH?


COO--COH is a platform for connecting artists
involved in video content production with those
desperately seeking their kind of talent.

Creating videos with real originality

Many different kinds of talents are required in order to produce a completed video, from the animators, who perhaps work with traditional illustrations or perhaps breathe life into all kinds of different substances, through to those producing the soundtrack. We think that order to produce great, unique video content, all of the creators involved in different ways must exercise their own creative originality. Yet this can't come too early in a creator's professional life. The artists involved first need to develop for themselves the necessary techniques and feel for their particular field, and only then can they be linked up with clients to work on projects that will help them increase their skills still further. COO--COH aims to provide a resource to showcase established video artists new to freelance work, as well as those originating from different artistic fields to enable their artistic wings to unfold in the world of video creation.

Making truly unique video content accessible

Now that we are surrounded by screens displaying moving images throughout our daily lives, the demand for videos and the number of new uses for them are increasing by the day. Yet when people want video content with high-quality graphics, many struggle to know what kind of artists they should be looking for, and are at a loss as to where they might find them. As a result, many hesitate about producing videos of their own.
COO--COH has been established by Building, a company with over ten years' experience in coordinating between graphic artists and companies that need them. Harnessing all of this expertise, we pledge to help create the right video content for you.


If you have any request about coordination or any general enquiries,
please contact

About images and texts on the website

- This website has been made as a part of portfolio of each creator to introduce their art works. Please contact us if there is any inconvenience, and it will be deleted or changed immediately.

- Reproduction or republication prohibited without prior written permission.